A downloadable scifonic for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In Scifonic, vast alien armies of the Scifonic Galaxy wage relentless war as they battle for power and survival. Take command of an advanced military force, and lead them forward onto the battlefield to crush your enemies and cleave a path to victory.


  • Design
    • Ryan N. Ward
    • Conall Barrett
  • Production
    • Kevin Truong
  • Programming
    • Davit Melkonyan
    • Joseph Michels
    • Jack Sun
  • Networking 
    • Ryan N. Ward
  • Art Strike Team
    • Henry Nguyen
    • Matthew Tran
    • John Claricia
    • Anthony Cano
    • Kevin Salim
  • Audio Strike Team
    • Rami Shriem 
    • Kristen Campbell

Additional Assets from: https://opengameart.org

Made with YamIDotNet

Install instructions

Server Setup:

To play, you will need to run the server on either player's computer, or a third. You can run it on Linux with Mono if you want to. Once it is running in terminal/command line, select the IP address to use (you may need to try multiple; not all will work) and type that IP into both clients. Connecting to the server across LAN's will usually require a port-forward setup.


ServerMain.exe 293 kB
Rulebook.pdf 44 kB
ScifonicWindows.zip 24 MB
Scifonic-MacOS.zip 23 MB
Scifonic-Linux.zip 24 MB


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The game seemed fully functional, and that was really cool! I didn't get the chance to really play it, but the amount of work that's gone into it is really impressive.  Great work guys!